Members Update: Cricket Returns To Brooks Drive

Members Update: Cricket Returns To Brooks Drive

Competitive cricket returns to Brooks Drive this weekend and in preparation, the committee has shared a summary of the changes that everyone is required to follow in order to help the club be Covid-19 secure.

General rules:

  • If you have any symptoms for Covid-19 you MUST NOT visit the club and you MUST stay at home or get tested for Covid-19.
  • Social distancing should be followed at all times.
  • Personal hygiene standards must be high, with regular hand washing and use of hand sanitiser.
  • Please observe the new signage on site that includes capacity of indoor spaces and exit and entry points.
  • Toilets are available but please follow the signage.
  • The bar is open and the club house has had a deep clean but strict social distancing is in place and you must follow the instructions on signage provided. Drinks will be served in plastic glasses.
  • We have face masks available on request for anyone who wishes to use one.


  • Please arrive ready to play as changing rooms are only available for storage and emergencies with a very limited max capacity.
  • Shower facilities will not be available.
  • Please bring your own food as no teas will be served.
  • No sweat or saliva is to be applied to the ball at hand time.
  • Hands and the cricket ball should be cleaned at all breaks in play and every six overs.
  • Social distancing should be maintained during wicket celebrations and drinks breaks.
  • Players to remain socially distanced at all times adhering to the 2 metre social distancing rules except for wicket keepers and slips who can follow the 1m+ rule.
  • Please use your own equipment where possible – if you need to use a piece of shared equipment it needs to be sanitised first.
  • Bowlers are NOT allowed to hand personal items to an umpire and instead you should store items at the boundary.
  • If it rains then players need to shelter under an umbrella, in a socially distanced appropriate space or please return to cars for shelter – please do not shelter in changing rooms or the clubhouse.
  • Application of the covers during rain intervals needs to be done in a socially distant way.
  • Players must bring their own drinks as shared drinks glasses will not be allowed.


  • We’ll need you to sign in using the guest book so we have a record of who’s been on site. We’ll only keep this for 21 days and will then shred it.
  • Please keep your distance from the playing squads.
  • Please do not touch the cricket ball even to throw it back to the players if it lands near you.
  • Please do not exceed the government guidance on discrete groups of six people.

To view the club’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment, click here.

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