Letter from Liam - Hale Barns Cricket Club

2 Nov 2017

Letter from Liam

To all Devon tourists..

Robin received this letter from Liam Aspden, who says that he feels it is time to hang up his boots as a tourist, and think you might all appreciate a sight of it.


Dear Robin, 

I’m writing to say that I’d better make this tour just gone my last active tour. My bones are creaking in unison and my knees now swell so much after every game as to be unrecognisable. Also, sadly, my fielding, never my strong point, has deteriorated to the point where I can hardly hide my embarrassment. 

I know that the tour is stronger than ever and that there was a good deal of discussion about the surge of younger players who you expect to burst onto an unsuspecting Torquay next year. All well and good – so you won’t need my contribution with bat or ball! 

If you are desperately short of players I dare say I could manage the odd game, but I don’t really fancy going on a cricket tour and not playing cricket, nor would I want to come down for just the odd game. So only if you’re really short of players!!

 It must be nearly ten years since my first tour and of course I’ve enjoyed every single one of them.

Without exception they’ve been well run, great fun, and that very delicate balance between exuberance and over stepping the mark has always been carefully observed. I have hugely enjoyed all the tours and am grateful for all the good times and good friends. Of course I wish you all the best and if I can arrange it I’ll try and sort out a job or two in the Southwest at the end of July 09 and maybe you’ll let me umpire the odd game. 

Many, many thanks for so many happy tours. 

All the best