Indoor Nets Update - Hale Barns Cricket Club

9 Nov 2017

Indoor Nets Update

As promised, the final details for how we’re going to run winter nets this year:

1)       Pre-booked places: Each week, the 24 players that have pre-booked a place have first choice on whether they can attend. They need to confirm their place by the Wednesday before nets at the very latest. Any places not filled will be passed to that weeks reserve list (see 2)

2)       Reserve list: If you do not have a pre-booked place, but know you want to attend on certain weeks (e.g. as per Molly’s email) let me know as soon as possible and I will add you to the reserve list for that week. As soon as any places become available because one (or more) pre-booked players can’t attend, players from the reserve list will take there place. The cost per session will be £5 for seniors, £4 for U21s.

3)       Finally, if by the Wednesday before nets there are still places available that haven’t been filled by players on the reserve list, I will post the number of free places on the club website. These places can be claimed on a first-come-first-served basis by phoning/texting me. As above, the cost per session will be £5 for seniors, £4 for U21s.

The overall message being please, please, please don’t just turn up at nets without having contacted me (or at least someone at the club) first.

I know this might all sound a bit draconian, but as stated before, the club can’t afford to pay for spare capacity, and have thus booked a fewer lanes at OT than in previous years. Given the reduced capacity, the cricket committee all felt that priority had to be given to players who’d pre-booked (and prepaid) for all 10 weeks. Therefore we’re limiting numbers to make sure all players at nets have a fair opportunity to bat and bowl. We have also booked an extra lane at Old Trafford for the last 3 weeks, so there should be space for everyone to attend in the final build-up to the season (more details on this will be sent round nearer the time).

As always, if you’ve got any questions please let me know, and feel free to forward this on as appropriate.


Mike Berks